Queen Mother Coffee
Queen Mother Coffee is a United Nations Best practice for the empowerment of women’s initiative.

On the United Nation’s International Women’s Day (declared and celebrated globally), Wednesday, March 8, 2006, the world renowned Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely, Community Mayor of Harlem carrying the legacy of of Queen Mother Moore, and other women of Harlem, launched “Queen Mother Coffee” — an exclusive brand of organic Ethiopian coffee blended with cardamom and cinnamon.

Queen Mother Coffee is an economic development initiative that is the “brain child” of Queen Mother Dr. Blakely and sponsored by New Future Foundation, Inc. and Harlem Women International. The proceeds from this venture is one of the projects to Save Queen Mother Moore International House. A major goal in saving the house is to provide affordable housing and establish women’s small business Incubators. Queen Mother Coffee is available in 4oz and 16 oz packages. Gift baskets are also available.

“Women’s business initiatives play a major role in sustainable and economic development of communities globally, Queen Mother Coffee is set to be a demonstration model for the world. Women who are looking forward to doing business with governments, institutions and corporations such as Fortune 500’s through concessions, contracts and set asides now have a blueprint to follow.


World Festival of Black Arts and Culture (FESMAN)

The World Festival of Black Arts, also known as FESMAN, is a month-long culture and arts festival that takes place in Africa. The festival features poetry, sculpture, painting, music, cinema, theater, fashion, architecture, design and dance from artists and performers from around the African Diaspora. New Future Foundation and Queen Mother Dr Blakely in her capacity as Mama Africa and the Goodwill Ambassador to Africa, were instrumental in the organization of the participating Diaspora from the western hemisphere.


United Asian American Association

The UAA is an organization formed by young professionals to improve economical and social development by uniting Asian individuals and organizations. The UAA works diligently to enhance and improve the Asian community in New York City by centralizing professional services. This centralized hub will be advantageous for professional networking, health awareness, economic development and empowerment, and professional lobbying to government agencies and politicians.