Our Mission

Do you remember the sense of achievement you felt the first time you rode a bike without training wheels? The satisfaction of finishing a new book? Or the excitement of trying something new? These feelings are some of life’s greatest gifts. They give us hope. They push us to make changes in our lives and in our communities. They fuel our passions. New Future Foundation believes that all people (regardless of race, class, age, sexual orientation, religion, or educational background) have the right to participate in opportunities which ensure everyone has access to a bright new future and the joy that comes with change! We aim to empower our communities and neighbors, encourage each other to make a change, inspire those around us to try something new through educational enhancement courses, GED subsidization, and cultural outreach programs for youth, adults, and their families.

New Future Foundation is reinventing itself to better serve the needs of those in the Greater New York area, today. While we still feel international endeavors are important, we recognize that changing the world begins with changing lives at home. Therefore, we are refocusing our efforts to fill the educational and economic gaps that have widened in New York’s most underserved communities. Your support will help ensure that New Future Foundation starts its new life off on the right foot. The donations raised through this GoFundMe page will help New Future Foundation offset the major costs of the restructuring process: such as the office rental and utilities, legal and financial aid, and initial program development. As our foundation progresses, so will the programs we offer.