Access to Education

The innovative solution is the use of non-traditional educational practices centered around technology which will allow for flexible arrangements for instruction outside of the constraints of time and place.

Using a hybrid/Blended learning approach we can combine face to face classroom methods with computer-mediated activities to form an integrated instructional approach.

The utilization of non-traditional education formats centered around technology shall expand the access and provision of education to young children. The adept usage of these tools and methodologies shall increase the capacity of the various Ministries of Education, improve collaboration, access, and assistance from individuals and organizations previously unable to assist due to the burdens of distance and travel.


Digital Collaboration

Young people should be given the opportunity to learn to use the tools of their inheritance and future. New Future Foundation has launched distance education programming using digital collaboration as the tool. Our initial project in collaboration with Blue Bird Child Care educated children through every day experiences in a multicultural bilingual environment. The project ran between Blue Bird and  the University of Mar De Plata in Mar De Plata Argentina using digital collaboration technology where sessions and communications were done in face to face video transmission.

New Future Foundation plans to expand this program centered around our financial literacy initiative. The intention is to use digital collaboration seminars with other youth domestically and from around the world to educate in financial literacy. Learning about their natural resources, and learning the entrepreneurial mind set shall stage the foundation for the future leadership and work force of  developed and underdeveloped nations of the world. New Future Foundation’s financial literacy program can facilitate teaching young people remotely about economics. The curriculum would start with the original Barter system, the history of money, finance and government regulations, culminating with modern day marketing strategies. We feel it is a disservice not to educate one of the most influential consumers in our society, the youth.  It is the strong belief at New Future Foundation that the long term effects of educating our future decision makers will benefit the world’s economy in sustainable and economic development.