Youth Delegates from Haiti visit the United Nations



New Future Foundation in its efforts to facilitate economic-social development,Youth and the development of Young Professionals taking their place at the forefront of community relations and international affairs, offers internships and memberships for individuals and organizations to take advantage of the resources and networking available at the United Nations.


 Access to Education

The Project vision is to create a foundation for accessible basic elementary education in all areas of the world, especially in the least developed countries.

Targeted Issues

  1. As much as 115 million children of primary school age are not enrolled in school, with that number almost doubling to 226 million children who do not attend secondary school.
  2. Most illiterate persons are female. In more than 20 developing nations, illiteracy rates amongst women exceed 70%.
  3. Many children who do enroll in school do not graduate with even the most basic reading and math skills because their schools do not have enough teachers, books or facilities to provide a quality education.
  4. Across the world many children miss out on their education because:
  • They are made to work to help support their families,
  • They are recruited into armed forces and become child soldiers,
  • Their families do not have the means to pay for schooling,
  • Discrimination and racism undermine their chance to receive an education,
  • They face violence as they pursue their education. This is the case for girls in areas where they are threatened with extreme physical harm (eg. acid attacks) for the seemingly harmless act of attending school.